Smurfit Kappa launches a new tap for concentrated drinks in Bag-in-Box®

Specifically developed with the industry in mind, the QuickConnect Vitop tap has been designed to fit existing soft drink and wine dispensers that are widely used in fast food chains and restaurants to serve drinks by the glass.

In line with Smurfit Kappa’s ongoing sustainable activity, this innovative new tap is environmentally friendly as all components including the cap, inner valve and gland, are injected with LLDPE, with only the inner valve coloured in blue. The top of the line QVC tap has been produced according to the latest injection and assembling technologies, enabling optimum levels for hygiene and quality control. Rigorous quality control testing is carried out on the taps, including a 0.5 bar tightness test, throughout the production process.

Smurfit Kappa is the market leader in the wine and juice market for Bag-in-Box with its Vitop® Original tap proving to be a top choice among customers. This popular tap is used all over the world, with different options available: Vitop® Original (black and red) for wine and apple juice, Blue Vitop® for water, Green Vitop® for olive oil or Vitop® Compact, a smaller version of the original tap.

“This innovative new QuickConnect Vitop tap is another step forward for Vitop. Its ease of use and clever design will be appreciated by the restaurant owners and operators,” said Didier Pontcharraud, CEO of Vitop.


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March 19, 2020