Recommendations for a more efficient liquor industry

Photo credit: ZachB827, Vineyard, Kelowna BC, flickr.

Liquor policy advisor Mark Hicken has presented government with a report that includes 24 recommendations that aim to improve efficiency and outcomes in business interaction between government and B.C.’s liquor industry.

Government will review each recommendation over the coming months, to analyze and consider the potential health, public safety, social, financial and labour impacts of the recommendations. It will also ensure that any actions are compliant with British Columbia’s trade obligations.

Hicken chaired a panel of industry representatives who met with stakeholders, read written submissions and deliberated over findings to provide recommendations that reflect industry consensus. As per the terms of reference, Hicken also worked with health agencies and labour representatives to obtain their viewpoints. Further engagement with these experts will be required at the analysis stage.

Panel members were drawn from the BC Wine Institute, BC Craft Brewers Guild, Canada’s National Brewers, Craft Distillers Guild of BC, Restaurants Canada, BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association, Alliance of Beverage Licensees and Rural Agency Store Advisory Society.

This report will assist government in focusing limited resources on evaluating industry priorities and reflects government’s interest in developing policy that makes life better for all British Columbians.

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