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Okanagan Crush Pad innovates again, by offering a crowd-funded ownership opportunity using FrontFundr

Sep 14, 2022 | Winery Industry News

A first for a winery in Canada, Okanagan Crush Pad is working with FrontFundr, the country’s leading online equity crowdfunding platform, to enable members of the wine-loving public a chance to “own a winery”.

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This week, Okanagan Crush Pad (OCP) launches the Owners Circle, a crowd-funded ownership opportunity.

“We are offering a higher level of engagement for Canadian wine lovers above the standard wine club model,” says Okanagan Crush Pad founder Christine Coletta.

“Wine attracts people who are very interested in how it is made, the land the wines come from, and the people who craft each vintage. We have been listening to what people really want, and at the heart of it, they want a deeper connection, and to share in the rewards,” she continues.
Until recent changes to Canada’s regulatory guidelines, shareholders had to be “Accredited Investors” with a high income or net worth. This shut out many people and most importantly, those who are pursuing wine education or those seeking micro-investments in companies that interest them.

Okanagan Crush Pad discovered FrontFundr was a credible, organized online platform that offers Canadians a straightforward method to invest in companies they believe in.

Now, with an opportunity to use an exempt market dealer to access private markets, the winery hopes to add a new group of Canadian wine enthusiasts to the next phase of its journey as part of the newly created Owners Circle.

Owners Circle shareholders will be treated to the same perks as existing wine club members with elevated opportunities and experiences on top of ownership, future earnings, and potential capital appreciation.
The capital raised will be used to support several exciting projects beginning with further vineyard plantings, and an exclusive wine tasting room, The Outlook, located at OCP’s exceptional 320-acre organic farm, Garnet Valley Ranch, in Summerland, BC.

In addition to these projects, the winery is currently expanding its onsite guest experience at Switchback Vineyard in Summerland in order to accommodate more visitors year-round.

Using the FrontFundr online equity crowdfunding platform to create the Owners Circle is yet another innovation from OCP: to go beyond the traditional wine club offerings, and let people be truly invested in the future of the winery.

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