Matt Wilson joins Enartis USA as applications specialist

Enartis USA is pleased to announce that Matt Wilson has joined us as applications specialist.Wilson will be in charge of technical support for equipment such as micro-oxygenation machines and dosing systems for Arabic Gum and Carboxymethyl Cellulose. In addition, and benefiting from his experience with brewing, he will be our in-house support for beverages such as beer, cider, and distilled beverages.

José Santos, president and CEO of Enartis USA, said: “We have experienced a tremendous growth in the number of Enartis Micro-Ox units installed in North America since the first ones in 2011. Matt’s hands-on experience in a winery setting, allied with his acute sense of detail, are the key skills needed to provide great support to our customers; from planning installation, to routine use and troubleshooting of this great technology. In addition, the exponential growth we have had in recent years in the use of Cellogum L for tartrate stabilization of white and rosé wines, as well the combined use of Cellogum L and Maxigum for colour and tartrate stabilization of red wines, has led more and more customers to want a simple system for precise addition at bottling. Again, Matt, with his cellar experience, is the ideal person to support our customers in using our proprietary dosing systems.”

In 2005, Wilson graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco where he found a passion for wine. Wilson immediately went to work at a small, family-run winery, working in every aspect of production and eventually growing to be the assistant winemaker. After dedicating 10 years to the production of unique blends, sparkling wines and bold reds, it was time to expand his knowledge and pursue other opportunities in the wine industry. Now as the application specialist at Enartis USA, he is looking forward to being part of a fantastic team of dedicated professionals who support wineries in crafting amazing wines.

About Enartis USA

Beginning as the pioneering Vinquiry Wine Laboratory in the early days of the modern US wine industry, Enartis USA is now a leading supplier to the North American Wine Industry. In addition to the high-quality analytical services provided by its network of laboratories, Enartis USA is a leading supplier of winemaking products and laboratory supplies.

The ISO 17025:005 Accreditation of our main laboratory verifies the high-quality of analytical services that we provide our clients, which range from basic chemistry testing to most recent techniques such as Real Time Quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR), a molecular biology technique for the detection of spoilage microorganisms, and grape and wine phenolic analysis (Phenolic Fingerprint), among many others.

In January of 2009, we became part of the multi-national company Esseco Group, which manufactures the Enartis range of premium winemaking products. Being part of the world leading manufacturer of winemaking products has allowed us to incorporate the technologically advanced Enartis range into our extensive product offerings, as well to develop tailored solutions for the US wine industry. Enartis USA is a leading supplier of winemaking products, with the capability to meet the needs of wineries of all sizes.


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April 26, 2016