Cooper’s Hawk Vineyards Transforms to Virtual Business in Under One Week

Cooper’s Hawk Vineyards and Restaurants (CHV), a boutique winery nestled in southwestern Ontario is leading the pack when it comes to embracing the new virtual reality that is facing wineries and doing it in record time, something that should provide hope to every small winery across North America.

In less than four days, the team at CHV went from a traditional winery that relied on restaurant business, tours, and tastings on-site to an almost entirely virtual existence. The transformation now has a focus on home delivery and drive-in pickups but also includes an entire campaign aimed at not just filling the cups of their clients stuck in quarantine but also their souls.

“We picked up the phone to our InspireHUB, and they told us they had put together a digital rescue kit for businesses like us and we knew we were in good hands because their team has been working 100 per cent remotely for seven years,” explains co-owner Tom O’Brien. “The idea to help fill cups and souls was exactly in alignment with who we are as a company.  In less than 48 hours, they had mapped out the entire campaign with us along with our new ordering process. Two days later we had everything implemented.  We have some really fun ideas in the works and our goal is to ultimately help people find ways to remain connected during this crisis. We’ve come to realize this is an opportunity for us to innovate. No matter what happens in the future, we will be keeping this new approach to engaging our customers.”

Indeed, the newly designed website offers up a new campaign including tongue-in-cheek imagery that Cooper’s Hawk can be ‘Mama’s Little Helper’ for moms stuck at home with kids, along with instructions on how to host a virtual wine tasting party.  O’Brien also hinted at some future plans in the works.

“Let’s just say that we are going to be offering some of the most creative wine-pairing opportunities for our clients.  We are also looking at hosting fun virtual events to allow people to network and socialize. The great thing about what we do is that it ultimately comes down to great wine and great conversation. That is something that we know we can help facilitate, and working with the InspireHUB team was truly inspirational. We’re the proof that with the right help you can not only pivot but also thrive!”

“What I think every business needs to be reminded about is that the world just got more digital overnight, not less.  The businesses who use this time to transform will be standing stronger than those who choose to retreat in fear,” explains Karolyn Hart, founder of InspireHUB. “Not to get too philosophical, but years ago, we did a study on inspiration, and we discovered that the one main attribute that makes a situation inspirational is the overcoming of pain and adversity.  I think that is the perfect definition for what we see happening in business and what has happened here with Cooper’s Hawk. It’s what we are doing with every client who is calling on us for a digital rescue.  Their courage leaves me inspired every single time. Of course, I’ll be hosting my own virtual wine tasting party next week!”


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