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Bizou + Yukon Wine Cans are the Go-To Summer Drink

Aug 23, 2022 | Winery Industry News

The Okanagan’s Favourite Great Pyrenees have been cooking up something new in the winery

Bizou + Yukon recently released their sparkling wine cans and we’re excited to share the news with everyone.

If you follow along you will know that two Great Pyrenees guard Garnet Valley Ranch and sometimes sneak off to make their own wines. In their lineup of fun and tasty wines, they have also taken a step to be more environmentally friendly too, packaging them in 1.5-litre easy-serve bags (Pooch Pouches). Noticing that humans love to bring drinks on their adventures, Bizou + Yukon came up with the Pinkie Rosé and BEE-zoo Pink Bubbles sparkling wine in cans.

Now with summer at its peak, bring the taste of the Okanagan with you wherever you go! Bizou suggests that the wine pairs perfectly with digging a giant hole, wandering through fields of daisies, or chasing bees and butterflies. On the other hand, Yukon watches Bizou do all those things while sipping wine and lounging on a patio chair.

What’s more important than these vegan and gluten-free wines in convenient canned form? The way it tastes, of course! With bright and refreshing flavours, you’ll notice toasty and creamy notes that round out a medium-bodied mouthfeel.

You can find packages of four at select stores or you can order a pallet of 24 cans from Okanagan Crush Pad’s online store.

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