B.C. breweries invited to share views on proposed brewery requirements

For the next month, breweries in British Columbia are invited to share their views on proposed new requirements to acquire and maintain a manufacturing licence.

Government is considering introducing new minimum manufacturing requirements for breweries. In order to retain their licences, breweries will need to continue to produce beer products. Minimum requirements are already in place for licensed wineries.

To focus consultation feedback, the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch is including draft proposed requirements. Breweries are invited to comment on the proposed requirements, which include a minimum annual production amount, required production equipment and the elements of the brewing process that must be completed on-site. Government will consider their comments before making a final decision.

This consultation follows through on recommendation 18 of the Business Technical Advisory Panel (BTAP) report that government review minimum production requirements for breweries. The BTAP report includes 24 recommendations from industry on ways to improve efficiencies and outcomes relating to government’s interaction with the liquor industry.  

When considering a recommendation, government takes into account the potential health, public safety, social, financial and labour impacts. Any actions taken must consider British Columbia’s trade obligations.

The consultation period closes on April 26, 2019.


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