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Andrew Raines appointed director of sales at HQ Wine + Spirits

Jan 2, 2022 | Winery Industry News

HQ Wine + Spirits is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Raines as director of sales effective December 1, 2021.

Raines joined HQ in spring 2020 as a territory sales representative and quickly proved his capabilities to effectively manage his accounts while also demonstrating his capacity to take on new challenges. Raines assumed a management role in an acting position in June 2021 filling a sales and marketing manager vacancy. Since June, he has built his own sales force, created new reporting processes, helped onboard new sales software, and brought overall structure and discipline to the sales and administrative functions at HQ.

“I’m very pleased to see Andrew step up and this appointment is truly earned,” notes HQ founder Christine Coletta. “While Andrew is relatively new to the wine and spirits world, his passion for our industry combined with his strategic approach to building a business is refreshing.”

Raines has been working with restaurants and boutique wine stores since 2019. While working as the sales education manager at one of the natural product industry’s largest companies, Raines’s growing interest and passion for wine education led him to take the leap to switch industries and fully immerse himself in the world of wine. Raines is currently completing his WSET Diploma certification as he continues to grow and utilize his wine knowledge, with a new focus on the natural and low-intervention wines that can be found in the HQ Wine + Spirits portfolio.

“I am equally excited and grateful to be given the opportunity to help lead a team of such wine-passionate and driven individuals here at HQ Wine + Spirits,” says Raines. “Our portfolio is perfectly positioned to meet the demands of an evolving wine consumer. Wine drinkers expect more from the wineries they support and are seeking out wines that are thoughtfully made, while also being transparent in telling the story of the vine to glass. The carefully curated portfolio at HQ Wine + Spirits is with partner producers who are passionate about creating sustainable, organically-farmed, low-intervention wines. I am enthused to continue to elevate these brands in our restaurant and retail partners in the coming years.”

Supporting Raines on the HQ sales team is Vancouver Island-based wine industry veteran Stuart Bruce, who oversees the import portfolio and sales marketing, Erin White, key accounts Vancouver and Whistler, and Claire Rothenbush, territory manager lower mainland.

About HQ Wine + Spirits

HQ Wine + Spirits was formed in 2017 to represent the house brands from Okanagan Crush Pad, as well as represent like-minded local and international producers who share values about farming, family, and business. The company has amassed a small, thoughtful portfolio that includes interesting and relevant wine from territories near and far.

The HQ team capably focuses on the distribution, sales, marketing, warehousing, and supply chain management of wines and premium spirits.

The company is based in Vancouver and operates within British Columbia with a team of passionate sales professionals.

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