AgSafeBC adds Return to Work resources to website

AgSafeBC has added new Return to Work (RTW) resources on their website. The Return to Work resources are designed to assist agriculture-related employers develop and implement a proactive Return to Work program.

According to AgSafe, many employers around British Columbia don’t realize that they have options when it comes to helping an injured worker recover and get back to work.

“When we met with employers around the province to talk about their RTW programs, many didn’t know that they could modify the job duties of the injured worker during the recovery period,” said Wendy Bennett, AgSafeBC executive director.

“There are benefits for both the employer and employee, when the worker is able to maintain employment. The key is to focus on what the worker can do. Not what they can’t do,” adds Bennett.

Health professionals acknowledge that returning to work while recovering from an injury is better than recovering at home because of the physical and mental health benefits that help speed healing – a “work as therapy” approach that involves the injured worker, employer and health care providers.

Having a RTW program demonstrates an employer’s care and value of the worker and a desire to retain a skilled and experienced asset. For workers, a RTW program offers the means to stay active, preventing other health complications, as well as maintaining income, employment benefits and job security by staying involved in, and aware of workplace activities.

A thorough Return to Work (RTW) program will help both employer and worker manage the RTW process and result in positive outcomes in a timely manner.

Resources found on the AgSafeBC website include:

–        An overview of costs associated with a workplace injury

–        Risk Management processes

–        Documents and information links to assist in developing a Return to Work program

–        FAQs related to Return to Work programs and injury management

–        “Ask the Expert” links users to AgSafe’s resident RTW expert

For more information about AgSafe services or agriculture-related workplace safety call 1-877-533-1789 or visit


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