A “Blend” Of Technology And Convenience Is About To Change The B.C. Winery Experience

WineTym Ltd. is uncorking a new web service for wine lovers. The premium, membership-based service connects wine enthusiasts to B.C. wineries and has enhanced and revolutionized the way tourists and locals can discover, save and plan their winery adventures. 

“After noticing a void in the marketplace about how wine lovers seek and discover B.C. wineries, I knew there was an opportunity to enhance the experience, promote and showcase B.C. wineries using today’s digital technologies,” explains Kimberley Evans, owner of WineTym. “After spending well over a year in research and development, my team and I are very proud of WineTym’s web service that conveniently connects our wine loving members to B.C. wineries. We wanted to create that emotional tug and give wine lovers everywhere a B.C. winery experience like never before. Imagine if you could view wineries at your fingertips anytime, anywhere, and choose your ideal preferences of wineries you want to see.”

Until now, most wine tourists and locals typically rely on Google and recommendations from friends to determine which wineries to visit. In order to compile a day of winery experiences one would have to visit each winery website to see the hours of operation, the locations, the wines they carry, and the amenities each winery offers. This is time consuming and isn’t always the most convenient. WineTym helps wine lovers discover new wineries they didn’t even know existed at their fingertips, and customizes their itinerary to the experience that they are seeking, such as specific wineries that carry pinot noir or are dog-friendly.

A WineTym membership gives access to a unique drones-eye peek of official WT Winery Partners, the ability to filter and map your winery experience, and exclusive freebies and discounts from WT Winery Partners and amazing savings from WT Corporate and Retail Partners.  

“Devon Transport (d.b.a Budget Car and Truck Rental) is truly excited to partner our 32 locations throughout British Columbia with WineTyms,” states Danny Coyne, B.C. operations manager of Devon Transport. “We believe that this online platform is the perfect solution to help wine lovers discover our BC wineries with ease during their wine tour adventures. We are proud of this partnership and we are confident our customers will take full advantage of WineTym.”

WineTym has officially launched and memberships are now available on its website. WineTym Minis can also be found at select BC retailers and WT Winery Partners. 


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