Patience brings reward of Ripe Fruit Black Hills Estate Winery announces release of 2014 Nota Bene

149cab88-d338-4667-b17a-58d2c39ed2ffAfter years of careful consideration and meticulous trials for the Black Hills winemaking team, extended aging in premium oak barrels was found to soften the tannins and elevate the depth and complexity of the estate-produced wine, while preserving the integrity of its fruit character. The result is that from the 2014 vintage forward, Nota Bene will now enjoy longer barrel aging, allowing the wine to offer even more full and integrated flavours than in the past. This will also ensure that the wine will be both approachable upon release and be able to age gracefully in bottle for 10 years or longer. This change follows the ongoing commitment of the winery to its philosophy of “continual quality evolution“.

 Indeed, for the past years, the winery has initiated numerous qualitative improvements that have included upgrading into a custom-built, temperature-controlled winery; updated and environmentally-friendly irrigation systems; the purchase of a state-of-the-art sorting line, conveyor and crusher-destemmer, ensuring only the best grapes make their way into the wine; and the development of a 2000-square-foot fermentation room allowing for select smaller-batch fermentations. In 2012, the winery introduced the Cellar Hand second label, sourced from the same estate vineyards, which enabled barrel selections to take place so that Black Hills could ensure only the wine from the best barrels made its way into Nota Bene.