B.C. wines pitched as the perfect pour for West Coast U.S.

Photo credit: Battavia, Vineyards, french vineyards, flickr.

British Columbia wineries are building export opportunities by sharing and pairing their vintages with people and cuisine in California and Washington state, through the efforts of the BC Wine Institute (BCWI).

The institute will showcase B.C. wines at key events to help connect wineries with purchasers in those markets directly, streamlining the sales flow and process, and to reach specific consumer groups that are likely to buy B.C. wines. With $50,000 in support from the governments of Canada and B.C. under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, the wine institute will be presenting B.C. wines to importers, influencers and media in San Francisco and Seattle.

Lawrence MacAulay, federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, says “The Government of Canada is proud to help promote quality wines produced with care and dedication by Canadian wineries. This opportunity will help expand international export markets for B.C’s wine producers, while strengthening our economy and creating well-paying jobs for middle-class families.”

In addition to B.C. wine export opportunities, the United States’ Pacific Northwest is also a primary target market for wine and food tourism to B.C., with approximately one million tourists visiting British Columbia wineries each year. It contributes $246 million in revenue for the broader B.C. economy annually.

Lana Popham, Minister of Agriculture, says “These efforts will help both established and smaller B.C. wineries introduce themselves to customers and clients in Washington state, Oregon and California. Many visitors from the northwestern United States discover the quality and variety of our wines while exploring B.C., and we’re making it easier for them to enjoy B.C. wines at home.”

The BCWI will also be hosting seminars for wine producers interested in exporting to the U.S. and Asian markets with information on labelling rules, permits, taxes, and duty rates and distributor roles.

As B.C. Wine Month concludes, B.C. wineries will continue to showcase the world-class wines that are produced in B.C.’s recognized wine regions, and beyond.


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